Sorghum is a crop that is quickly gaining popularity among farmers both worldwide and here in the U.S., and students from one local school got to learn more about it at a special presentation yesterday.

Nate Blum, executive director of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board, visited Norfolk High School and talked with FFA members about sorghum and some of its usage.  

"The last few years we've actually seen a number of new and existing products change formulas to include sorghum, and that's only going to continue to grow. My job is to make sure people know what it is and how that can fit not only on their dinner plate, but also as an ethanol for their vehicle or as an industrial product or bio-plastic."\

He says even though it’s not as well known of a crop compared to corn or soybeans, it’s one that can provide many benefits to farmers looking for different crops to rotate through the fields.

"If your not growing sorghum and want to consider another crop for your rotation, sorghum provides an opportunity to do so.  Whether its helping break soil compaction or break the cycle of pests and disease cycles, sorghum provides many great opportunities and reasons to include it in your rotation."  

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