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The livelihood of the men and women who work for WJAG Inc. to create the unique and customized content contained within this website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Material” is threatened when this Material is misappropriated, misrepresented, infringed or misused by others for commercial or personal gain.

Everything on this website is prepared and intended solely for your private, non-commercial use, edification and enjoyment.

You may not republish, link to, use or otherwise incorporate any Material as content to construct or develop any other website, database, compilation or archive without the advance written consent of the manager or owner of WJAG, Inc..

No portion of the content contained in this website may be modified, sold, transmitted, displayed, clipped, digitally or electronically reconstituted, or otherwise used in any public or commercial manner.

Specifically, you may not frame or otherwise utilize within framing technologies any of the Material in any manner that would suggest any relationship between WJAG, Inc. and/or any other third party without the advance written consent of the management or ownership of WJAG Inc..

Technological tools such as RSS feeds, Podcasts, video links and any other methods of interconnectivity, data mining, data gathering, automated extraction, links and collection of the Materials without the advance written consent of WJAG inc. is strictly prohibited.

All Materials, including but not limited to everything contained within this website is protected by United States and international copyright law, and all Materials are the sole and exclusive property of the WJAG inc. and its affiliated companies, assignees and licensees.

WJAG Inc. reserves all rights to the Materials’ intellectual property, and WJAG Inc. will take every measure to protect and retain its rights and thereby the jobs of the people who have been paid to create the unique and customized Materials.

The Materials include everything contained in this website, including, but not limited: all news articles, commentary, text headlines, sub heads, logos, trademarks, trade names, photographs, photographic captions, images, illustrations, advertisements, audio and video clips, animations, html, source and object codes, as well as the selection, design, layout and presentation of the material.

The image, reputation and integrity of WJAG Inc. and the people who create Materials for its use are threatened when third party individuals and/or vendors extract materials credited to and represented as WJAG Inc. Materials and then present the WJAG Inc.’s protected Materials on other sites and/or in other venues along with unauthorized advertising and/or other content that have not been authorized or approved by WJAG Inc.

WJAG Inc. will consider such actions as a misappropriation of the trade name, trademark and trade dress of  WJAG Inc., and it will exercise all legal means available to it to enforce its rights in the Materials and stop all misuse of the Materials.

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