Date 05.25.2022 Corn Beans
ADM Columbus cash 8.07/NC 7.18
Beemer Grain cash 7.32
Bloomin Egg Bloomfield cash 7.47
Husker Ag Plainview cash 7.75/NC 6.93
Louis Dryfus Co. cash 7.87/NC 6.93
Walbaums cash 7.77
Wisner Elevator cash 7.72/NC 6.78
81-20 Grain cash 7.62/NC 6.83 cash 16.21/NC 14.53
Agrex Inc. cash 7.74/NC 6.93 cash 15.86/NC 14.48
Cargill Inc. cash 7.98/NC 6.95 cash 16.46/NC 14.63
Central Valley Ag cash 7.57/NC 6.83 cash 16.26/NC 14.47
Farmers Co-op Lindsay cash 7.57/NC 6.83 cash 16.26/NC 14.48
Farmers Pride Battle Creek cash 7.47/NC 6.78 cash 16.19/NC 14.51
Farmers Pride Neligh/Oakdale cash 7.52/NC 6.80 cash 16.21/NC 14.51
Farmers Pride Osmond cash 7.52/NC 6.81 cash 16.19/NC 14.51
Farmers Pride Bloomfield cash 7.45/NC 6.80 cash 16.16/NC 14.51
Farmers Pride Newman Grove cash 7.52/NC 6.81 cash 16.21/NC 14.51
Frontier Co-op Columbus cash 7.72/NC 6.85 cash 16.38/NC 14.53
Frontier Co-op Tarnov cash 7.57/NC 6.77 cash 16.35/NC 14.50
Frontier Co-op Schuyler cash 7.62/NC 6.81 cash 16.39/NC 14.54
Ochsner Grain cash 7.53/NC 6.88 cash 16.31/NC 14.48
***Due to electronic trading
prices are subject to change without notice.
Please contact your local elevator
for the latest bids.

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