Monday- Friday

Midnite-4am      Coast To Coast AM with George Noory

4am-5am          Fox News Rundown

5am-6am          America in the Morning

6am-8am          WJAG Morning News

8am-11am        Brian Kilmeade

11am-Noon       Agri-Talk with Chip Flory

Noon-1pm         WJAG Noon Report

1pm-4pm          Clay Travis & Buck Sexton

4pm-5pm          Agri-Talk with Chip Flory

5pm-8pm          The Jesse Kelly Show

8pm-11pm        The Jesse Kelly Show 

11pm-Midnite    Coast To Coast AM with George Noory 


Midnite-5am      Coast To Coast AM (Weekends)

5am-5:30am      America This Week AND Outdoor Nebraska

5:30am-6am      Norfolk-area Week-In-Review

6am-7am           America Outdoors Radio

7am-8am           WJAG Saturday Morning Report (includes Norfolk-area Week-In-Review, 7:30am-8am)

8am-10am         Under The Hood Show

10am-1pm         At Home w/ Gary Sullivan

1pm-4pm           The Ramsey Show

4pm-7pm           Kim Komando

7pm-10pm         Handel On The Law

10pm-Midnite     Somewhere In Time with Art Bell (A Coast To Coast AM program)


Midnite-6am        Coast To Coast AM 

6am-6:30am       Principles for Living

6:30am-7am       Focus On The Family

7am-7:30am       Norfolk-Area Week-In-Review

7:30am-8am       The Lutheran Hour

8am-9am            Amazing Americans

9am-9:30am       Viewpoints

9:30am-10am     Radio Health Journal

10am-11am        Fox News Sunday

11am-Noon         Four-Legged Life

Noon-12:30pm    Norfolk-area Week-In-Review

12:30pm-1pm     The Lutheran Hour

1pm-4pm            Handel On The Law 

4pm-7pm            Clay Travis & Buck Sexton 

7pm-8pm            America Outdoors Radio 

8pm-9pm            Four-Legged Life 

9pm-Midnite        Sunday Nights with Bill Cunningham


Program Information

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast AM is an American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal or conspiracy theories. It is currently hosted by George Noory.


Fox News Rundown

The FOX News Rundown is a news-based program. Each morning, Mike Emanuel, Alex Hogan, Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Jessica Rosenthal and Chris Foster take a deep dive into the major and controversial stories of the day, tapping into the massive reporting resources of FOX News to provide a full picture of the news. 


America in the Morning

The show features reports from AP Radio News, as well as a national forecast from AccuWeather, a look ahead to the day on Wall Street from CNBC, and the short-form feature Offbeat.


Brian Kilmead Show

Kilmeade provides viewers with the latest on the breaking news, sports, politics and entertainment. During his tenure at Fox News, he has developed the ability to interview and provide insight into newsmakers, politicians, celebrities and athletes. 


Agri Talk

The radio talk show focused on the markets ever weekday. Cut through the confusion and find the market clarity with Chip Flory.


Clay and Buck

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor.


Jesse Kelly Show

The Jesse Kelly Show is a three-hour early evening conservative talk radio show hosted by Jesse Kelly.


America this week

America this Week is a lively feature magazine look at the “water cooler” stories everyone is talking about. The show includes interesting guests, movie reviews and incomparable humor from host John Trout.


Outdoor Nebraska

Outdoor Nebraska is a weekly radio program produced by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Listen for updates on hunting, fishing, camping and recreational opportunities found in the state, as well as in-depth reports on wildlife, fisheries and habitat management.


America Outdoors

America Outdoors is A national, weekly one-hour outdoors radio show hosted by John Kruse that covers fishing, hunting, conservation, outdoors destinations and the shooting sports.


Under the Hood Show

Tune-in to Under The Hood® and get your car questions answered. Call with your car questions anytime at 866-594-4150. Shannon and Russ along with Chris Carter are the Motor Medics® bringing a fun side to car-talk shows along with accurate well-respected advice that stems from their many years working in their own automotive shop and auto recycling facility daily to help you save money on car repairs since 1990.


At Home with Gary Sullivan

At Home with Gary Sullivan is a weekly home improvement talk radio program hosted by Gary Sullivan.


The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Join as Dave Ramsey and his team of experts answer your questions on the top problems holding you back.


Kim Komando Show

Kim shares the latest gadgets, breaking tech news and privacy tips to help you stay safe and secure when you’re online. Every hour, she answers callers’ questions, ranging from online addictions to finding the best way to share videos and photos.


Handel on the Law

Bill Handel’s weekend show, Handel on the Law, is bold, entertaining and addictive. Bill definitely knows his way around our wacky American legal system, and with a quick wit and razor-sharp tongue, offers up advice to countless callers on a weekly basis. Syndicated nationally, Handel has amassed a loyal fan base that continues to grow. Bill Handel has been able to couple his passion for talk radio with his experience as a lawyer and the result is a unique blend of information and humor.


Somewhere in Time with Art Bell

Somewhere in Time features the late Art Bell, the creator of Coast to Coast AM who retired in 2007 from regular appearances on the program he built and made famous. In addition to the renowned Ghost to Ghost show on Halloween and the annual New Year’s Eve Prediction Show, Somewhere In Time represents the best in classic Art Bell shows.


Principles for Living

Principles for Living is a daily one-minute radio program that helps Christians grow in knowledge and faith, to strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ. As a Gospel oriented ministry, we believe God’s Word will truly change the lives of many and lead people to salvation. Together, we can fulfill Christ’s command. We would like to be an extension of your arm and the carriers of His Word for you around the world.


Focus on the Family

Become a champion for your family in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee! Every broadcast of Focus on the Family helps you confidently guide your loved ones through the unique challenges faced by today’s Christian families. With over 40 years of trusted, compassionate stories of redemption, hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller connect you to biblically sound marriage and parenting help that is relatable, practical, and interesting. Listen/Learn/Apply/ThriveInChrist!


The Lutheran hour

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a trusted resource in global media that equips and engages a vibrant volunteer base to passionately proclaim the Gospel with people around the world more than 163 million times each week.


Amazing Americans

Uplifting and inspiring sports stories.



Listen to Viewpoints Radio each week as we report on social issues, the environment, history, food – you name it. 


Radio Health Journal

Listen to Radio Health Journal to get the latest scoop on what’s trending in health, science, technology, and the intersection of medicine and public policy. Each week we speak with leading experts to break down the complex medical jargon and report on a timely topic.


Four Legged Life

Arden Moore brings her knowledge of pets, interviewing skills and edu-taining style to the air waves.


Bill Cunningham Show

Bill Cunningham is a nationally recognized broadcaster, veteran attorney, and business entrepreneur. Since 2006, Cunningham has served as the uncommon voice of the common man as host of Sunday Nights with Bill Cunningham, a weekly national radio program.

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