Monday- Friday

Midnite-4am         Coast to Coast

4am-5am              Fox News Rundown

5am-6am              America in the Morning

6am-9am              WJAG Morning Report

9am-11am            Brian Kilmeade Show

11am-noon           Agritalk -Chip Flory

Noon-1pm             WJAG Noon Report

1pm-4pm              Clay Travis/Buck Sexton Show

4pm-5pm              Agritalk -Chip Flory

5pm-6pm              WJAG Evening Report

6pm-9pm              Buck Sexton Show

9pm-Midnite          Brian Kilmeade Show (Repeat)


Midnight-5am        Coast  to Coast

5am-5:30am          America This Week

5:30am-6am          Local Week in Review

6am-8am               WJAG Saturday Morning Report

8am-10am             Under the Hood Show

10am-1pm             At Home with Gary Sullivan (Home Improvement)

1pm-4pm               Dave Ramsey Show

4pm-7pm               Kim Komando Show (Technology)

7pm-10pm             Handel on the Law

10pm-midnight      Art Bell -Somewhere in Time


MIdnight-6am        Coast to Coast

6am-6:30am          Principles for Living

6:30am-7am          Focus on the Family

7am-7:30am          WJAG Week in Review

7:30am-8am          The Lutheran Hour

8am-8:45am          WJAG Sunday Report

8:45am-9am          Norfolk Baptist Church

9am-9:30am          Viewpoints

9:30am-10am        Radio Health Journal

10am-11am           Fox News Sunday

11am-12noon        Mayo Clinic Radio

12noon-12:30        WJAG Week in Review

12:30pm-1pm        The Lutheran Hour

1pm-4pm               Handel on the Law 

4pm-7pm               Best of Clay Travis/Buck Sexton

7pm-8pm               Fox News Sunday

8pm-9pm               Mayo Clinic Radio

9pm-midnight        Bill Cunningham Show-Live (Political Talk)

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